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Après le 2, le 3. Bonne chance.



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Avril 28 (Mardi) 21 h 00 min - Mai 13 (Mercredi) 21 h 00 min

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  1. Ils atttendent peut-être de voir jusqu’où on peut faire des tuiles sombre avant de faire la version ma-noir :grin:

  2. Bon RE1 sera peut-être d’actualité bientôt, car il était visionnaire!


    Ah les conversations entre amis à 3m de distance

  3. Avatar for Logod Logod says:

    Bon, bien, on prend les même et on recommence :slight_smile:

    Les tuiles ont l’air plus claires, c’est déjà ça.

    Les fiches de personnages changent de disposition, mais les infos on l’air d’être les mêmes.

    Les decks d’objets ont l’air d’avoir des niveaux (vert, orange, rouge), à moins que ça soit une nouvelle version du deck de tension :face_with_monocle:.

    Images des figurines ici

  4. Ils ont lâché pleins de perso iconiques dans le 2, ils vont les refaire pour le 3 ?



  5. Tu sais que c’est de la que vient cette connerie d’ailleurs :joy::rofl:

  6. Le developer Diary du jour

    Introducing Cutscenes into a Tabletop Game

    Today, we’re looking at how we adapted one of the most unique features of the Resident Evil™: Nemesis video game for the tabletop.

    What am I talking about? Why, the Live Selection Events, of course!

    For those of you who aren’t familiar, Live Selection Events were a special type of cutscene that occurred throughout the game. As you played, you’d be interrupted by a sudden and dire event—a horde of zombies descending, or a huge rent opening in the ground and forcing you to act fast to avoid an untimely death.

    At the height of the action, the colours on the screen turned negative, and two possible resolutions appeared. You had mere moments to make a split-second decision.

    This choice was important, affecting not just the situation at hand but rippling out to affect the entire story arc.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was keen to find a way to replicate Live Selection Events in Resident Evil™ 3: The Board Game.

    Not only are these events unique to the Resident Evil™: Nemesis game, but they also form a core part of the game’s DNA because most of the memorable story moments appear this way.

    These events also opened up a wealth of potential interactions and replayability for the board game, which I wanted to explore.

    Fortunately, while working on Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game, I’d already had an idea of how to implement cutscenes as narrative event cards that we didn’t end up implementing. RE3tBG felt like the perfect place to revisit that idea!

    Narrative Events in the Board Game

    There are two types of narrative events in RE3tBG: fixed narrative events and random narrative events.

    Both are usually triggered when a character enters a set area as part of a scenario. (Not always, though—and that’s all I’ll say on that!)


    Fixed narrative events are set events detailed in the scenario brief. They are specific, tailored to a time and place, and inevitable.

    Despite their inevitability, just as with other events, you’ll still have to make a choice on how to proceed.

    That choice will nearly always define the objectives for the scenario, as well as introducing new elements for you to contend with.

    View fullsize

    In the example above, we can see you have a choice.

    Choose to fight Nemesis, and the objective for the scenario becomes a tense boss fight with an equipment reward waiting at the end.

    Choose to flee, and you’ll need to escape instead—but the city danger level will rise as a penalty, making subsequent scenarios more difficult.

    Remember that your choice doesn’t exist in isolation, either. You’ll need to take external factors into account before making a call.

    Perhaps you don’t have much ammunition, or several of your number are already injured. Perhaps the city danger level is already quickly climbing as a result of other factors.

    As you can tell, narrative events are never straightforward! Which leads us to the second type of narrative event: random.


    These are triggered in the same way as a fixed narrative event, but are decided by cards drawn from a deck.

    Much like fixed narrative events, they’ll usually offer you a difficult choice—but you’ll have no idea what event you’re going to experience until it happens!

    Random narrative events are especially exciting because they ensure no two campaigns will be the same.

    Some cutscenes might never come up during your playthrough. You might never find that survivor bleeding out in an alley, or receive an SOS call from a building you thought you’d never return to…or maybe you will?

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